I produced a CD for mandolin virtuoso Richard Kriehn, and I arranged the piano part of this obscure piece by Beethoven for myself on DADGAD-tuned guitar. I love this piece (I recorded it on 5-string banjo and piano on my first record), and this time I get to play the accompaniment part. Richard is the best mandolin player I have ever heard, and he is pretty darn good on fiddle/violin and guitar. Beethoven wrote six pieces early in his career for mandolin and "keyboard"--there is some debate whether this was for piano or harpsichord, composed apparently for a countess who played mandolin, so maybe her sister had a harpsichord or something. It doesn't look like Ludwig wrote it for himself, since it's a pretty easy keyboard part. This Sonatine in C is the cool piece; the others are not up to Ludwig's later standards.