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Paul Ely Smith: Music

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Cluck Old Hen

(Paul Ely Smith)
traditional, sort-of

The Banjo

(L. M. Gottschalk, arranged by Paul Ely Smith)

Raleigh and Spencer

(traditional, arranged by Steptoe)

Canntaireachd (for eight voices, 1990)

Santa Can't Stay

Lullaby, from "Handmade"


Sonatine in C for mandolin and piano, w/oO 44a

(Richard Kriehn, mandolin; Paul Ely Smith, guitar)
Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged for mandolin and DADGAD guitar by Paul Ely Smith

Shame on the Moon, from "Going Nowhere" (2013)

(Shiloh Sharrard)
Rodney Crowell

Summer Dress

Before the Next Teardrop Falls, from "Going Nowhere" (2013)

(Shiloh Sharrard)
Freddy Fender

St Anne's Reel

(Richard Kriehn, mandolin; Paul Ely Smith, banjo)

September Song

(Mike and Olivia Haberman)
Mike and Olivia Haberman

Spirals, from "Handmade"

Sinfonia, from Cassandra

Hare Halleluia Allah Hu, from "Mosaic"

Give Us Peace, from "Mosaic"

Dona Nobis Pacem (for wind quintet, 2005)

(Solstice Woodwind Quintet)
Paul Ely Smith

Zephyr (for brass quintet, 1990)

(Emerald City Brass Quintet)
Paul Ely Smith

Zeno's Breakfast (1986)


(Paul Ely Smith)
June 14, 2012
me on fiddle and piano, Russ Rosenbalm played that lovely cymbal swell...